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Digi-Disney Month 2: Pepper Ann by MegaloRex Digi-Disney Month 2: Pepper Ann by MegaloRex

(Sorry for the late entry folks. I was feeling sik yesterday and couln’t find the energy to post. Here’s yesterday’s mon)

Pepmon – Pep
Level: Champion
Type: Warrior
Attribute: Vaccine
Attacks: Pep-Step Punch, Roller Charge, Dreamer Spark

Pep-Step Punch – Jumps up into the air before diving down to deliver a devastating punch
Roller Charge – Charges at the enemy at high speed with her skates
Dreamer Spark – Creates a static charge in his hands that she launches at her foe, shocking them

Character of Origin – Pepper Ann (Pepper Ann)

It is hard to find anyone like Pepmon. She’s a spunky ball of energy and full of dreams, though she does get easily distracted at times. Her dream is to one day Digivolve into a truly powerful warrior on par with that of the Royal Knights. She may be distracted at times, but she’s a goodhearted Digimon who will do what is right when the time comes. Just be warry, for her luck can honestly be so random, not even the Sovereigns can predict what will come next.


I have no real idea where the urge to make Pepper Ann into a Digimon came from, all I know is that I had to re-listen to the theme song to get psyched for it, and I knew it’d be a fun throwback. Again, I apologize for the late entry, but it fits since Pepper Ann is rarely on time herself. I’ll post today’s entry later, and it’s a big one

Hotspot0626 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
Cool :D
KallyToonsStudios Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Hard to believe that the creator of Kids Next Door was involved in that show. 
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