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Digi-Disney Month 2: Lion King by MegaloRex Digi-Disney Month 2: Lion King by MegaloRex

SolSimbamon – Solar + Simba (Lion in Swahili)
Level: Ultimate
Type: Beast
Attribute: Vaccine
Attacks: Roar of Life, Burning Circle, Lion’s Pride

Roar of Life – SolSimbamon unleashes a powerful roar that blows enemies back and heals allies
Burning Circle – Launches the ring of fire at his foes, consuming them in spinning flames
Lion’s Pride – Covers himself in a glowing red aura before lunging at the enemy with sharp claws

Character of Origin – Simba (Lion King)

When he was only a young lion Digimon, SolSImbamon was destined to rule the wilds of the Digital World. However, upon the death of his sire he ran away, leaving his old life behind. On his journey, he encounter a young Savagemon who left for a similar reason and the two agreed to leave their pasts together. The two eventually found themselves with new friends and lived their lives in peace. That was until their past came back to haunt them, but rather than run, they fought it together and came out victorious. SolSimbamon is a powerful lion Digimon who prides himself in his strength.


GrubKnightmon – Grub + Knight
Level: Champion
Type: Beast
Attribute: Data
Attacks: Beetle Spear, Worm Whipping, Scarab Cruncher

Beetle Spear – lunges spear at his enemies
Worm Whipping – Uses worm whip on his side to strike at his opponents
Scarab Cruncher – Uses his Scarab Shield to smash against his foes

Character of Origin – Timon (Lion King)

A smart-alek of a Digimon who left his clan behind for he knew he wanted a better life than simply hiding in the dirt. Donning armor made of discard Insect Digizoid, GrubKnightmon was born to stand for his freedom with the help of his best friend WarHogmon. When he first met SolSimbamon and Savagemon, he was unsure of them, but he grew to be good friends with them. When they faced their pasts, he was one of the first to be at their side.


WarHogmon – War + Hog
Level: Champion
Type: Beast
Attribute: Virus
Attacks: Mr. Pig, Grub Bazooka, Hog Boom

Mr. Pig – WarHogmon becomes filled with a massive rage before charging over any unfortunate soul dumb enough to be in the way
Grub Bazooka – Fires grub-shaped missiles from the cannons on his sides
Hog Boom – His tail fuse lights up and countdowns until a massive (and stinky) boom goes off

Character of Origin – Pumbaa (Lion King)

For most of his life, WarHogmon lived alone due to having a certain “air” about him. That changed when he met GrubKnight and the two became great friends. He convinced GrubKnightmon to let SolSimbamon and Savagemon stay with him. He is very good natured and kind-hearted, but get him mad and he’ll be ready to fight at his friends’ side. However, the biggest thing you should never do when dealing with this Digimon is call him a simple pig.


I’ll be honest, when I first started drawing Digimon I never thought I’d draw ones based off characters from the Lion King, but I’m glad I did. Simba was the first I made, followed by Timon and Pumbaa. I’m really glad with how they turned out. Also, if you read the descriptions, you’ll see that I connected them to Savagemon (Tarzan). I have this fun little idea in which when Tarzan runs away in Tarzan 2, instead of meeting the Zugor, he meets Simba, TImon and Pumbaa and stays with them, He helps Simba regain his kingdom before returning to his own home.

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MasterofGaburincho Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Little me loved Digimon and Lion King, so this doesn't disappoint!
KallyToonsStudios Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Awesome work. Make a Scar Digimon?
Fernikart57 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So... SolSimbamon's line is: Simbamon, WarSimbamon, SolSimbamon, KingSimbamon?
TannerxDelia Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
There's a show called The Lion Guard
MegaloRex Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Oh I know. I actually like it.
TannerxDelia Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
You should turn them into Digimon
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